Build a Legacy Away From the City

Indonesia is NOT just Jakarta!

1 Local Region at Gojek = 1 Small Country

At Gojek, when we say region, we don’t exactly mean our international branches. When we say region, it means our local cities in Indonesia. But that doesn’t mean you won’t get international exposure. Our scope in the regional offices is so wide. How wide? We have at least 7 services in each region (GoRide, GoCar, GoFood, GoSend, GoClean, GoMassage, GoPay), and we have over 1 million monthly users! This means you’ll be exposed to problems at scale that you probably won’t find it outside of Indonesia. One local region in Gojek is equal to a small country.


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Create Your Legacy

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Create Your Legacy

If you’re Indonesian, you already know what “pulang kampung” means. It means to come back to the place you call home. We understand that for some people, coming home to Indonesia means sacrificing a settled life in a country where everything is comfortable.

But coming home with Gojek means so much more than that. It means building the country where you grew up. It means making your hometown an even better place. It means helping the people you know and touching the hearts of millions. There is no better time for your international experience to come home and become a part of this history-making journey. From strategic planning in Jakarta to building cities all around Indonesia, we are calling you to come home. We are asking you to leave your mark. To create your legacy.

So come home, because Gojek needs you. Your country needs you.

Let’s hear from our regional leaders


Erika AgustineVP Strategic Regional Head - South Sumatra

Erika Agustine

VP Strategic Regional Head - South Sumatra

“The social impact that I feel when I’m working in a regional office is raw and real. It’s like I can touch the result of my work directly. Every day, when I go out of the house, I see our driver and merchant partners almost everywhere. The way they tell me that they can send their kids back to school and earn better lives still gives me chills every time. I am reminded of the sole reason why we’re doing what we’re doing and it’s very rewarding.”

Anandita DanaatmadjaVP Strategic Regional Head - East Indonesia

Anandita Danaatmadja

VP Strategic Regional Head - East Indonesia

“Working in the regional office isn’t easy, but it really gives you self-fulfillment to know what you do will improve the lives of others. Further, the response from the local government is very positive as well. One of them told me that nowadays, one of the criteria to measure the development of a city is whether or not Gojek operates there. It makes me really proud.”

Leo WibisonoDistrict Head - Bali

Leo Wibisono

District Head - Bali

“Honestly, [in Indonesia] it’s easier to make an impact in a developing environment. Developed countries don’t have that, there are not many rooms for improvement. Everything is fixed there; the system is good, and all you have to do is maintain. But in a non-steady-state environment, the things that you do, you can see the impact and result straight away.”

Adithya MulyonoDistrict Head - Semarang

Adithya Mulyono

District Head - Semarang

“Gojek removes our daily friction. I can see more and more people use our services because we provide solutions for them. For example, for a lot of merchants who have joined GoFood, their business keeps growing. They opened up a new store and continues to expand. I think if we want to give back to our country at scale, Gojek is the right place. When you join us, you can see how we change people’s lives every day.”

Are you ready to create a legacy?

We need your help in developing Indonesia and creating a direct impact on people’s lives. Join us to be our regional leader and build your first legacy away from the city!