Indra Budiari · April 1, 2019

Meet the Team of GOJEK Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence Team in GOJEK deals with a massive scale of data. Data at GO-JEK doesn’t grow linearly with the business, but exponentially, as people start building new products and logging new activities on top of the growth of the business. With more than 18 products, we currently see 6 Billion events daily and rising.

Here are some heroes behind them. Meet Crystal, Renata, and Lawrence.

Crystal Widjaja, SVP Business Intelligence and Growth

Crystal is an Indonesian who spent almost her entire life in the United States. Although she barely spoke her mother tongue when she was there, Crystal somehow managed to notice the rise of GOJEK in her hometown, Jakarta. The UC Berkeley Political Science and Government alumni knew that it was time for her to come home and help build the country.

With her limited Indonesian vocabulary, Crystal joined GOJEK in 2015 and has since played a fundamental role in our journey. Crystal sees herself as a data person who is enthusiastic to look at trends and numbers and how they can help the company to grow.

For her, the BI team in GOJEK is a group that helps us focus on the right problems, set our priorities and make sure that everyone’s impact is much more effective. For instance, without BI it would be very hard to tell whether we should focus on problem A or problem B.

In 2018 she and few other female friends working in tech industry established an initiative to get girls within the ages of 12–16 year old interested in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math). She believes that girls should not let social stigma prevent them from trying something and knowing things for themselves.

Renata Clara Kumala, BI Core Team Group Head

Our data is massive, and making sure that it’s scalable and accessible to related stakeholders isn’t an easy task, we know. That’s why we are glad that Renata is in the front line to help us with this.

After graduating with Cum Laude on both her bachelor’s and master’s degrees from the University of New South Wales, she fell in love with the tech world and how it can create meaningful products to empower people. She joined GOJEK in 2017 as BI Technical Product Manager after Crystal found out that she just completed full-stack developer coding Bootcamp.

Most of the day, you might find Renata sitting at her spot and writing quick notes on her whiteboard desk because she believes her handwriting looks better there than the whiteboard on the wall.

Aside from her job, Renata’s soft spot is for ocean waves. She could spend hours at the beach staring at them. But it’s not only about the waves, it’s the whole ambiance: the sound, the sunlight and the serenity that puts her mind at rest.

Lawrence Kurniawan Wong, Business Intelligence Manager for Growth

Lawrence is a scientist by training. The valedictorian who graduated from the University of Queensland in Biotechnology dipped into the investment banking world before moving to US-based ride-hailing startup, Uber. However, when Uber left Southeast Asia, he tried to find a role that offered similar challenges as his previous job, and that’s what led him to GOJEK.

Crystal’s impressive reputation among “ex-Uber fellows”, in addition to the large amount of data GOJEK handles, made him sure that he had found his next adventure.

As the BI Manager for Growth, he contributes to the team individually and manages a team of 8 analysts and 5 interns. As an individual contributor, he builds tools for experimentation (such as sample size calculator and statistical test tool), builds machine learning models, run experiment 101 workshops, digs insights from our stored data, design experiments and analyze the results.

However, one of the most exciting things in his role is how he ensures the analysts in his team gets the resources they need to succeed in their roles. He regularly does 1 on 1 meetings with each of them and organizes team dinners to understand their concerns and career aspirations.

If you are interested in meeting people like them, now it’s time for you to join this adventure. Click here to hop on in the journey and join the BI team.

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